Collection: Womens White Sneakers

Collection: Womens White Sneakers

Much can be said about the relationship between women and our shoes. While heels and flats are great, sometimes we just want something simple but still amazing – this is where Clarks’ women’s white sneakers shine.

You’re spoiled for choice with Clarks' range of versatile sneakers that provide the perfect complement to any outfit. With chunky stylish designs with supreme cushioning, minimalist slip-ons and so much more, our white sneakers for women are sure to tick every box. When the situation calls for casual comfort, you can’t go wrong with a Clarks original draped in an all-white colourway.

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Run errands, grab brunch, go on a date, and more when you add a stunning silhouette from Clarks to your collection. Our white sneakers are a perfect alternative to heels for a business casual day in the office and look great with a blazer, cardigan, or cute sweater. White leather sneakers for women are a timeless classic and there’s no time better than now to grab a pair to diversify your wardrobe. We’ve also got suede and nubuck finishes, sheepskin lining, rubber soles, and a host of other durable materials for you to choose from, so find what works best with your style and be amazed by our superior quality and construction.

We take pride in making our shoes, so we know you’ll be proud to wear them. Our Clarks Originals are staples in the footwear industry and you’re sure to love our other unique designs, too. Our Clarks are designed to be worn with confidence, so put your best foot forward and announce your feet to the pavement in the Clarks white sneakers that women love all around the world.

Shop the best women’s white sneakers in Australia from Clarks and you will not be disappointed. Browse our full collection of women’s sneakers and find a new wardrobe addition that speaks to you.

Clarks are a staple with a long history of providing women with the very best in footwear. With a range of women’s white sneakers to die for, there is something for every woman out there. In what can only be described as footwear wizardry, a Clarks sneaker can magically transform your outfit – leaving onlookers in awe as you strut past in comfort and style.

Shop Clarks women’s sneakers and find something that will get you excited to dress up in. If you’re on the hunt for something a little more casual, our women’s casual shoes are worth looking at, as are our women’s walking shoes for the stylishly fit.