Collection: School Shoes

Collection: School Shoes

From the classroom to the playground and beyond, Clarks offers school shoes known for their comfort, durability and style. We support your child’s growing feet, giving them confidence from the first day of school to their final year. We offer an exciting range to cover all school requirements, from classic black school shoes to colourful sports sneakers and designs to light up your child’s life.

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Clarks is the trusted brand for school shoes. Our extensive range of girls’ school shoes and boys’ school shoes are made with robust, quality materials and feature hard-wearing soles. Our shoes will become your child’s reliable companion on long school days. We go to great lengths to ensure that our kids' school shoes are comfortable and offer support.

At Clarks, we have curated a careful selection of quality shoes to suit all school ages. We know that every child has their own unique style. With a selection of lace-up designs, and simple self-fastening options, we offer school shoes that support growing feet every step of the way.

Clarks offer popular, long-wearing designs. Our extensive selection includes everything from classic black leather school shoes, and sports shoes to trendy and captivating designs.

Our exciting range of girls' school shoes features Mary Jane’s and trendy T-bar styles and sports shoes. Active school boys will enjoy our comfortable, stylish and highly durable collection, highlighting sporty elements.

High school kids will love our new Dynamo shoe, designed with the capability to withstand the challenges of any weather. Our brown, and black leather school shoes are trusted, formal choices for students and parents alike.