The Most Magical School Shoes of all ✨

Finding perfect school shoes your little one will love can be tricky. But do you know what makes it easier? Fairy princesses. Magical castles. Whimsical colours. Fun patterns. Purple in-soles. Cloud Castle makes all of this a reality, bringing imagination to life one step at a time. Introducing two new styles, discover why you and your child will love Cloud Castle this back to school!


The Cloud Castle Tale

In a far-off kingdom, high above the clouds, there was a magical place called the Cloud Castle. It was home to whimsical and playful fairies who loved to have fun, each with their own unique personalities and special abilities.

Meet Blossomblossom

Brave and curious; Blossom is an adventurer who loves exploring nature, and has the special ability to control the growth of flowers!

 Meet Grace grace

An outgoing and whimsical fairy; Grace loves astrology and is fascinated with the sky. Her special ability allows her to create new starts to decorate the skies!


The Range

Inspired by a far-off kingdom high above the clouds, this collection embodies the whimsical charm of a magical castle. Each shoe, available in Mary Jane and T-bar styles, mirror the playful and unique personalities of the fairies. Imbued with special abilities and designed for both charm and comfort, these shoes bring a touch of fairy magic to every step.





Features & Benefits

 birdie & blake gif

Both new styles also include a Cloud Castle themed keyring pouch and shoe box - designed to keep and be transformed into a Castle and take you off to a magical place and fantasy!


Cloud Castle adds so much fun and imagination to school shoes, your child will love how they look and their feet will love how they feel. Make back to school as fun as possible with our magical Cloud Castle range!
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