Podiatrist Top 5 Clarks School Shoe Recommendations


There is a reason it is the most popular shoe in the Clarks range! 100 different size combinations mean that no matter how unique your child's foot length and width is, it can be accommodated without having to compromise on comfort or support.


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A practical shoe for children that wear foot orthoses. When you unfasten the two Velcro straps it opens the upper of the shoe to allow for easy insertion of the orthotic. Important for children who may have to swap their orthoses from shoe to shoe daily.

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An EVA heel cup, memory foam innersole for extra comfort, scuff resistant toecap plus durable rubber tabs the strap ends make this shoe sound tough as nails for active boys yet super comfortable. 

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The buckle is great for hand and eye co-ordination and fine motor skill development. While likely suited for middle aged primary school children with this type of buckle, the pretty design in the upper will be a popular pick for girls.

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With properties just like the Hustle(above), this is perfect version for primary school aged girls. A piece from the new Cloud Castle collection features a purple lining and Cloud Castle Fairies on the insole, turning school shoes into something much more fun!

birdie black
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