Elevate Your Kids Style with New Clarks Boots

Winter is officially here, which means rain, muddy puddles and, oh yeah, more rain! Life doesn’t stop just because the weather gets colder, so it’s essential to choose the right footwear for your kids so they can navigate parties, slippery footpaths, family events and more safely and stylishly.

When the dark and stormy weather rolls in, a good pair of boots becomes the go-to shoe for every day. Clarks Kids collection of boots has a pair for every kind of kid; from the fashionista to the future punk rocker and the ‘keep-it-simple’ kid, our range of boots caters to every personality, every age, and every occasion.

Choosing the right pair of winter boots for your kids can be really difficult, especially when their favourite colour and style changes every week. Luckily, we’re shoe experts and we’ve put together a list of the cutest, coolest, and comfiest kids boots for the season.

Discover our fave kids boots for Winter 2024 below.


Clarks Top Picks:

Fashionistas come in all ages and sizes. If you’ve got a fashion-forward kid who only wants to wear the latest trends, these boots will surely be a perfect match.

Country-chic is having a moment (thanks Taylor Swift!), so if your little girl is begging for cowboy boots to live her wild west dreams, Jazzie is the way to go. With glitter detailing and a classic cowboy look, Jazzie is the perfect boot for your little trendsetter. Looking for something just as stylish but with a little more versatility? Jamie has just as much spunk as Jazzie - these little Chelsea boots have fun glitter detailing but a simpler design that makes a statement but goes with everything; we promise, this style is always on trend.

Boys can be style icons too, and boots like the Praguestyle K or Heath Trail K are perfect for helping them bring out their inner runway model. For an edgy look, you can’t go past the combat style of Praguestyle K, with the soft leather, chunky sole, and lace up front. Adding in some funky ripped jeans and a bomber jacket will instantly have your little one feeling cooler than ever. For a boot that looks good and does it with finesse, Heath Trail K’s rugged design with subtle contrast accents and chunky sole look and feel photoshoot ready.


Clarks Top Picks:

You’ve got a kid who loves to stand out, with a big personality that just can’t be tamed, and they should absolutely have shoes to match. Boys boots like Ranger II and Banbrook Trail K are full of personality, but pared down not to overshadow the kid wearing them; Banbrook Trail K’s unique moccasin design is complemented by a lace and side zip closure with a flexible sole, while Ranger II has a classic hiking boot look with padded fabric collars and rubber soles for superior grip. These essential winter boots are the go-to for the kids who make their presence known.

“Bold” doesn’t always mean bright colours and bells and whistles. But sometimes it does, so if your kid lives for capital D drama the Roxy and Chelsea II boots are the go-to. Roxy is our ultimate cool-girl combat boot with fun glittery detailing and heart-shaped decals on the side, and while Chelsea II might have a simple design, this chic Chelsea boot comes in 8 different colours, including pink, purple, rose gold, and leopard print! These boots are made of your little maximalist, with all the spunk and attitude that they have plus all the essential features that make Clarks kids shoes the choice of parents and kids around Australia.


Clarks Top Picks:

Weekends? Check. School holiday programs? Check, Family holidays? Check! Simple and effective designs that look good with all their clothes and every occasion, these are the boots made for wearing anywhere. From styles like Dublin and Dean with their low-key casual appeal, to Tova and Ruth with an elevated look, boots that can be worn everywhere in winter will never go astray.

Whether your little one lives in dresses and leggings or denim and trackies, a classic ‘wear-everywhere’ boot is a must. The casual sneaker-look of Dean and Dublin is the perfect choice for little boys and sporty girls; these high top styles with zip and lace closures, plus supportive Clarks insoles, will look good with jeans, skirts, leggings and joggers whether they’re heading to a play date, birthday party, or fun weekend activities. Tova and Ruth, on the other hand, have sleek and classy looks that make day-to-day outfits extra cute. These simple boot styles are guaranteed to go with everything, especially dresses and skirts, with their grown-up look and subtle detailing. 


Clarks Top Picks:

Hop, skip, and jump into rainy weather without worrying over wet feet (yuck). A fun pair of gumboots, like Puddles and Play, are exactly what we recommend for getting your kids through the winter. Two very unique styles for kids of all ages, Play and Puddles are full of personality. Both made of premium matte finish rubber with breathable cotton linings and textured outsoles for extra grip, Puddles and Play are tailor made for outdoor adventures.

When the ground is wet but the skies are clear, Play is the perfect option thanks to its super simple pull-on style with easy-grip straps. With four fun designs to choose from, there’s a pair of Play boots for every kid. But when the clouds won’t let up and the rain is constant, switch it up with Puddles; swapping the pull-on handles with a waterproof textile collar, Puddles can be tightened to the leg with the handy toggle to make sure water and dirt (or even food if your little one is a messy eater) stays out of their boots. With three bold and funky designs, Puddles makes those gloomy winter days just a little bit brighter.


Clarks Top Picks:

Whether they’re still in the pram or taking their first steps, your little one still needs a pair (or two) of cute and comfy boots for the winter. Little feet grow fast, so we recommend styles like Manuela and Max with sizes ranging from baby (UK 4) through to young children (UK 10-12). Both Max and Manuela are perfect for fidgety feet, with their easy slip-on designs and double self-fastening straps.

When the day calls for a durable and stylish shoe, something that is just as suitable for the playground as it is for fancy family events, our staple Chelsea II Junior is treated with our Puddle Proof waterproofing technology and includes a range of 12 fun and funky colours, while our Stanton Junior boot is a stylish desert boot style in a trio of warm neutral colours. Chelsea II Junior and Stanton Junior are both sleek slip-on styles with zip closures for a secure fit for whatever is on the social calendar.


Is it safe for young children to wear boots?

Absolutely! Boots are completely safe for young children to wear, and at Clarks we specialise in designing and crafting kid’s boots that are not only stylish, but comfortable and supportive with extra padding around the collars, antibacterial linings, flexible soles, and features like side zips to make them easy to put on and take off - all essential features for active kids.

What should I consider when buying boots for my child?

There are a number of things to consider when buying boots for your child, like:

  • Where you live

Do you live in the suburbs? The country? Inner city? Different areas present different challenges as a result of unique infrastructure and surrounding environments. If you live somewhere with lots of nature, you will want to consider boots with enhanced grip, while in cities you can look at more style-forward options suitable for walking on pavement.

  • What the climate is like

Does it rain a lot? Or maybe it’s super hot? Whatever the weather is like where you live, this will also play a role in the type of boots you buy! Gumboots or a boot made of a breathable fabric can help make the dramatic temperatures more bearable.

  • Room to move

Kids are active at any age, so making sure their boots can move with them is crucial. The perfect fit will not only be comfortable and supportive, but flexible enough to help them avoid trips and falls while they’re running around and roomy enough to accommodate thick socks in the winter. It’s a delicate balance, but you’ll know when you get it right.

  • Key features

We all want our kids to look good, but a shoe lacking in things like laces, self-fastening straps, or zips are a big no-go. Kids grow fast, and features like these can help them get more wear out of their shoes by allowing them to adjust the fit whenever they need.


Now that you’ve been taken through our essential Autumn/Winter 2024 boots guide, explore our full range of kids boots online and in your nearest Clarks stockist.


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