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When is it Time for a New Shoe?

When is it time for new shoes?

At the end of each school term, spend a couple of minutes checking the fit and wear and tear of your child's school shoes. It's amazing how quickly their feet can grow! You may find some years that your child's shoe will need to be replaced at the six to nine-month mark, while in other years you may be lucky to get the entire school year from a single pair. Selecting a reputable brand such as Clarks, which are made of only the highest quality materials, gives the shoe the best chance of lasting the whole school year. Whilst it can be tempting to wait until the end of the year, even though your child may report them feeling small in say term 3, replacing them is important to reduce the risk of foot deformities later in life.

Follow these simple steps to check if the size is still correct

  1. remove the sock liner from the shoe and ask your child to step on it
  2. look for approx. 2cm gap between the longest toe and the shoe. Often pressing through the upper part of the shoe does not give us an accurate idea.
  3. If the longest toe is touching the end (bear in mind, this is not always the 1st toe, it can also be the 2nd toe!), it means a shoe shopping trip is on the cards.

Apart from sizing, it is also important to regularly check the tread of the shoes as this can wear out over time, particularly for kids playing lunchtime sport on rough surfaces such as gravel. For parents’ extra piece of mind, Clarks has a 12-month outsole guarantee which is handy should on the rare chance you notice any manufacturing faults. If the heel counter has become soft, the heel has worn down or there is significant wear on the upper it may also be time for new shoes.