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Little Foothealth Lab Little Foothealth Lab

At the little Foothealth lab we collect and share our 170 years of Foothealth knowledge – it’s where we measure, monitor, research and learn all about how little feet grow. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to keep you child’s feet health and happy.


We invest in innovative technologies to ensure your child’s feet are always supported. Find out more about the technologies we use in our kid’s shoes.

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Top Tips for keeping little feet healthy

Measure regularly -
Children’s feet grow at rapid rates until teenage years. Ask a Clarks trained fitter to find your child’s perfect fit in store today.

Pick the right shoes –
Clarks offer shoes in a range of lengths and widths plus some styles feature removable innersoles for extra growing room. A well fitted shoe helps prevent unwanted blisters.

Wash and trim -
keep feet clean and trim toenails regularly.

Go natural -
choose socks made from natural fibres like cotton to help keep feet cool

Help feet grow


When your baby starts to crawl, all the bones in their feet are still soft, they only have 23 forming bones protected by a layer of puppy fat.

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Once they're standing, the puppy fat layer keeps the soft bones safe until they fuse together later in childhood.

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Feet are still growing up to two sizes per year at this point, and the soft bits are easy to bend out of shape.

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Your child's foot shape will start to become clear, with growth of about two sizes per year until they're five.

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By now the foot has 45 bone centers which will take another 10 or so years to fuse into the adult 26 bones. Growing has slowed down to about one size per year too!


Bunion -
can be caused by shoes that don’t take into account the special shape of children’s feet.

Ingrowing toenail –
can be caused by shoes that are too narrow pressing on the big toe into the second toe.

Rams-horn nail -
caused by continuously bumping against the end of a shoe that’s too short.

Corns -
A concentration of hard hard skin often caused by shoe pressure.

Blisters –
Formed when skin layers separate and fill with fluid, caused by poorly fitting shoes rubbing against the foot.

Athletes Foot –
A fungal infection encouraged by materials that don’t let little feet breathe properly.